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Da Lat – The City of Love and Flower


"Dalat with Cam Ly waterfall

And Lake of Sorrow….”

Dalat has been named as The City with Pine forest, City of Flower,City of  Misty or City of fresh air, poetic Spring… Although,you called its name in which way,Dalat is always be special attractive to tourist by its poetic scene and legend romantic love stories.In peaceful and quite atmosphere,poetic and romantic Dalat by  the cold highlands night, early morning fog and the pine range surrounding the city.To be gifted  a mild  climate of the sub-tropical,  Da Lat seem to be not suffer the heat from the south or the cold from the north but the weather is always mild and cool. The Da Lat’s cool is like as you enjoy a fresh ice-cream. 


Due to its topography,Da Lat’s traffic is only by road,railway and airway,but at the moment,just transfer by road and  airway is available.Da Lat’s airway is via Lien Khuong International Airport and Cam Ly Airport. Lien Khuong International Airport  is just  28 kilometers away from Dalat city,to the south,near national road number 20 of  Lien Nghia ward,Duc Trong district.The Dalat’s second one is Cam Ly Airport at Ward 5,just 3 km away from the city to the west.Weekly, Air Mekong operates 7 flights from Ha Noi toDa Lat and  return.


The air temperature: Da Lat with low temperatures due to high terrain, the average temperature is 18oC.

Temperature: The temperature difference between day and night very large, yearly average is 9 degree Census. Temperatures average annual ground in Dalat is 20,6 degree Census.

Precipitation: Rainy season in Da Lat is often from mid April,raining in April and May is  usually heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the afternoon - evening. The rainy season usually ends in mid-October, sometimes in mid-November.


Da lat’s cuisine is very variety. In the very last years of 1820s, wave of immigration from other regions of the country began to flock to Da Lat.The new residents has brought to Dalat not only customs, habits, occupation  but also their country’s cuisines.Hue people brought Hue … Quang nam-Da nang brought Quang’s noodle,Beo,Hoi,Cang cakes …The Northen’s people brought Pho,Thanh tri rice rolls cake, casting wheel, crab noodles, spring rolls…The Southern people brought noodles, pancakes, biscuits Khot … The formation of the population was made ​​up a storehouse of food for this city.


In Dalat,the most interesting activity is enjoy coffee. Coffee shops is in every corner of the city,on every street, is home to massive roadside floor or garden villa deep in the small winding roads, large or small, luxury or ordinary style express your individuality decorative artist or bold young students ... you can sit at any time of day, whether alone, in pairs or with friends, the coffee cups that soak in aromatic concentration peaceful romantic scene.


On all the roads in and out Da Lat, sloping landscape that travelers pass it as you stand before a painting with images, colors, lines do not stop change. Pass is surrounded steep pine forest landscape pure green year round and smooth. Forest to forest on the hillside near the mountain, next to the mansion and popular houses.

When the rainy season begins, pink lily press arms, light purple flowers adorned purchase for landscape grass hills, woodlands. To east, the cluster of bright yellow sunflowers flower press to dry season, making the landscape seem more mountainous parts of deep blue.

Going into the city, visitors will have discovered a "museum" of waterfalls, beautiful lakes, valleys and hills of grass just enjoy the Dalat products include many fruits: red, plum , peaches, avocados ..., many ethnic foods and other unique souvenirs to specific areas of Dalat. Today, to Dalat, tourists will experience a very poetic architecture, splendid but discreet through each villa nestled among colorful trees or covered up by a sea of ​​blossoms.

Dalat bold deeply in their cultural identity as the legendary beautiful Highlands. In the village festival, family fun day, visitors will see them dancing, singing, playing music with unique instruments, but it sounds like the sound of howling wind, the sound of waterfall flowing over rocks.

Between the mountains are scenic valley, where four seasons are laid morning dew. Sometimes among foggy emerge between the alpine hill as the remote island in the sea.


To Dalat, tourists cannot forget the grandeur of the landscape rapids waterfall. Due to strong cleavage of the terrain, the high flows on the Lang Bian Plateau plateau before falling below the rapids were run on a multitude of large and small operators. Apart from the famous waterfall has long falls Datanla, Prenn and Cam Ly waterfall, Ankroet fall ... adventurous visitors can explore the many waterfalls and other equally beautiful and majestic cascade around Dalat as Sorailen, Huynh Chuoc fall, Tiger Cave, Seven Floor waterfall, Uyen Uong waterfall ... further south to Nam Ban is also Elephant falls (Lieng Chomieng).

Da Lat City - Lam Dong province is located in the valley of the Lam Vien Plateau and Lang Bian Plateau, courtesy of nature should have sub-tropical climate year round. It became tourist attractions, an ideal central Vietnam's Central Highlands, annually draws many tourists from home and abroad

To Da Lat where is the famous landscapes such as  : Prenn, Cam Ly, Dambri, Pongua ... Dankia streams - streams Gold, Than Tho lake, Xuan Huong, Tuyen Lam ..., Love Valley , the Tomb hill, the train station ..., special power of the throne of King Bao Dai, the old mansion of a hundred years old France, the church ... Chicken, Truc Lam monastery.

With intrinsic advantages, Dalat can simultaneously held many different types of tourism such as tourist resorts, ecotourism, cultural tourism - festivals, sports travel and tourism meeting conference tourism combined scientific research ... Da Lat city over 100 years old is becoming a tourist destination in the most attractive for domestic and foreign tourists.

To Da Lat the town of plateau which is at an altitude of 1,500 meters over sea level, visitors will surely be fascinated by the natural scenery is romantic only in this place!

Flower on LangBiang Mountain

Cam Ly Waterfall

Pine Hill

Ho Xuan Huong Lake

Lang Con Ga Village

Tuyen Lam Lake

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